Kitsune Cases

As Case Modding grows in popularity, every new day brings a new product designed to "customize" your PC. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult to truly have a "unique" PC. But that's where steps in to provide custom tailored artwork, windows, and grills to really make your system stand out.

Aren't really sure of what you want? No problem! I can create original artwork for you based on any ideas you may have. Perhaps you already do have an idea of what you want, some image you'd love to see adorning your case? Just about anything short of a photo can be converted with relative ease into a positive/negative design for a case window.

If you have a case already that you want modified, you can send me the whole case or which panel you would like cut or etched. If you are buying a new case and the seller allows it, you can have it shipped directly to me and I can then mail the case back to you once complete.

As new ways to modify cases are always being tried out, it may be a good idea to check out some of the sites listed in my links section to get your creative juices flowing.

A Factory "modified" case is still Factory.